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September 2016

9-11 Memorial Design Concept Completed.

Site Signatures, Inc. has completed concept plans and elevations for the City of Lower Burrell sponsored 9-11 Memorial to be located adjacent to the American Legion Post 868 off Wildlife Lodge Road. Various volunteers including members of the American Legion Post 868 have committed to completing the memorial, which incorporates a section of twin tower steel beam to help preserve the memory of the victims of September 11, 2001 as well as the ultimate sacrifice of the first responders who perished.

August 2016

K-9 Officer Derek Kotecki Memorial Park Entrance Breaks Ground.

The construction of the K-9 Officer Derek Kotecki Memorial Park entrance broke ground on August 22, 2016. The construction team is looking for completion for dedication on or before the approaching 5th anniversary date of Officer Derek Kotecki's End of Watch on October 12, 2011. Site Signatures, Inc. prepared the concept plans and entrance design elevations as part of a community volunteer group effort to memorialize the ultimate sacrifice of Officer Derek Kotecki.

July 2016

Site Signatures, Inc. Provides Site Planning Services To National Assisted Living Developer.

Site Signatures, Inc. has been retained by a developer, owner and operator of multiple senior assisted living communities to help optimize new project site plan layout efficiencies while creating a "home feel" sense of place for their residents. Working with the project design team, Site Signatures, Inc. is providing advisory and site design guidance services.

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